Allison Nichole Torres | 21 years old, colombian, terrible jokester, loyal friend, activist, animal lover, hilarious at times, writer and I play make believe for a living.

From New Jersey.
To Miami.
Living in the City of Angels.

| searching for my inner freedom |
allison nichole torres

I’m lost between dreams and reality. I’ve fought for so long and my heart was as deep as the mud beneath me. Beneath I say -beneath the reality of which dreams are built upon. And from it, life can be born. From the darkest roots of emotions and leaving a decedent place of residence -my past or more so, the person I was. May one too many sparks come to surface. And may one too many words be shown through my eyes, from what others waste putting into words themselves. I’ve hid my purpose to keep solidarity within myself. But I am born to be great. I was born with power that I’ve kept hidden. Secrecy. Because power is dominance. And dominance is art. Art that has the power to change this society on a genetic level. And the people I’ve met along the way -were only to teach me that civilization will not prosper with its need for dominance -for the ego, by the ego, in which the ego lives. Living. Living is no more than transcending. When we transcend we see what others cannot yet see. We see what is. And what is -is. There is brilliance in kindness. And one person has shown me that my purpose will leave a legacy. Half we are. Together we are one. Complete. And whole. Different species but I’ve known. She told me I was surrounded by a silver and white aura. “Two colors” she said. I told her to never tell anyone for she was the first to let those words slip from her lips. Awakening of the cosmic mind and in itself I was transcending -she saw me for me. It’s a connected source I’ve kept hidden. Timing is everything in perfection. For I am meant to change this world with kindness. This power of dominance is to change the root of destruction to creation. Creation in the form of art. And imitations through masks -for a face that no one will truly know -me. And should I disappear, I’ll pray endlessly that you will look for me. But most importantly -always believe in me. For my talents are for greatness. And my greatness will be used for good.

Allison Nichole Torres

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